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Friday, August 04, 2006

Death Tax=$2 Minimum Wage Hike? NO!

I don't know about you but where I come from, them's fightin' words. First of all, are you for growth or not? If you are, then you have to be against this bill.

Yes, I know the lilly-livered, weak-kneed Republicans tacked on the death tax, but do you understand the long term effect? If not, you have no business voting at all. If you do, then you would vote again this.

It is simple logic, really. No matter what, every presidential election cycle the minimum wage would go up two dollars. Do you want to be the one to break the news to these socialists (at the least) that there are no jobs because most people went out of business due to overhead (labor)?

The poor would suffer the most. No one would be able to hire the people who did not have experience, did not a history, and did not have a skill. Also, no one could afford to hire to someone to flip hamburgers at $19.15/hour?

Allow me a moment to explain this bill. Minimum wage will automatically rise two dollars each presidential cycle, while the death tax would be elimanated. That is the simple version.

It would only take seven cycles (4x7=28 years, and from $5.15 + 2=$7.15 + 2=$9.15 + 2=$11.15 + 2=$13.15 + 2=$15.15 + 2=$17.15 + 2=$19.15) to reach that median. That's only one generation!

Then you have to satisfy the unions. Should I go on, or do you get it? I wrote to them, and warned them against tying a great bill with a terrible bill.

HEY GOVERNMENT, this is NOT Germany's fascism, and we do not live under governmental decree. You not only will not, you can not tell us how to run a business, who to hire, how much to pay them, etc.

All of you people who do not want the big brother watching you, where are you? Oh, I see you have your dirty little hands out. Go figure.

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