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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Look Inside Senator Tom McClintock

“A Public Life – the Tom McClintock Story”
was Unveiled for GOP’s County Chairs.

When the new DVD highlighting the public life of State Senator Tom McClintock was unveiled this weekend during the California Republican Party’s state convention in Los Angeles, it was the County Chairmen’s Association that saw it first. As the county chairs were meeting Friday afternoon, the lights dimmed and the video story began. Eight minutes later, Tom McClintock, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, walked through the door and was greeted to a thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

“The venue was significant,” said John Feliz, the campaign’s director and chief strategist. “The County Chairs are critical to the party’s success and are responsible for recruiting and deploying Republican volunteers across the state’s 58 counties. They are committed to the Republican Party and to making sure Tom McClintock is elected Lt. Governor.”

The response by the county chairs was tremendous and created a buzz the rest of the weekend.

Produced by the California Republican Party, the DVD actually runs 7-minutes and 37-seconds and will be used to showcase Tom in both small and large gatherings. The story talks about McClintock growing up in Southern California and his entry into politics at an early age. Several minutes are dedicated to McClintock’s campaign for Governor during the historic Recall race of 2003.

If you are looking to help Tom become your next Lt. Governor, invite your friends over and share the video story. The video is available for viewing on McClintock’s campaign Web site: www.HelpTom.com. Watch “A Public Life – the Tom McClintock Story” today!

By the way, the DVD is also posted to one of the most popular sites on the World Wide Web. Now, people who visit the online video portal YouTube can learn more about Tom McClintock. Tell your friends!

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